Getting the products you want

We know your area and who to work with. Alpha Group customers benefit from being able to get the products and solutions they need from the industries most recognized dealers, distributors and integrators

The ALPHA Sales Group

  • Provides field sales personnel and marketing support for communications companies
  • Covering from Maine to Georgia
  • Extensive reseller channels in Boston, NYC,Philadelphia, and Washington, DC 
  • Our team is comprised of industry experts from end users, dealers, and distributors
  • Provides users with multiple verticals of trusted brands and solutions
  • Intimate knowledge of local technology and communications trends affecting your operation
  • IP based radio and telephony consoles
  • Combiners, multicouplers, fiber DAS, BDAs, signal boosters
  • Battery testing/management  
  • Dispatch console furniture and workstations 
  • NG 911ready analog/digital radio and telephony voice recorders
  • Communication system and subscriber unit test equipment
  • Neo-cell lithium polymer batteries
  • NXDN/IDAS/P25 two way radio portables, mobiles, repeaters and systems
  • Licensed/non licensed 2.4/6.4ghz LOS/NLOS PTP-PTMP microwave 
  • Professional/commercial audio accessories for two way radios
  • Portable device mounting brackets for mobile applications
  • Communication solution integrators for Federal/State/Local Government

ALPHA best in class solutions for 


With the purchasing vehicles you need

Alpha Group partners are aware of the purchasing regulations you must follow.  Contact us to learn more about the products and solutions we offer on GSA, WSCA, NYSOGS,ITT40, NJ State Contract, PA State Contract, CO-Stars and many other state and local contracts.