Dispatch centers enable the flow of information both daily and under duress, to those who depend upon it.  You need to have voice and data collaborate as one in order for you to do your job effectively.  Alpha Group dispatch portfolio has the equipment you need.


  • Consoles
  • Furniture
  • Voice Recorders​



Communications consoles are the heart of any dispatch operation.  Those who use them rely on their resiliencyscalability, and flexibility to bring voice, video and data together. Alpha Sales Group has been a proud partner of Avtec for over 7 years, deploying over 100 new dispatch centers.  Avtec's truly native IP basedScout console supports industry standard analog and digital radio/telephony interfaces, and offers users the most selection of direct wireline interfaces.  With the release of their new version, Scout offers users the ability to connect multiple Scout dispatch centers together for the ultimate redundant dispatch solution.



The workstations that allow us to do our jobs must be as rigorous and constant as the dispatch centers they reside in.  To meet these demands, Alpha Sales Group recommends to our dispatch furniture customers, Evans Consoles.  Evans is known as the global leader in configurable, premier quality furniture.  From separate power channels for running voice and data, to Envirolink allowing the dispatcher to have complete control of the lighting, temperature and air, Evans is the most trusted name in the dispatch furniture world.