Battery analyzers, chargers, and maintenance solutions for portable LMR, PTToC, and 1000's of portable power devices.

TBC Consoles

Custom dispatch furniture for mission critical control rooms. 

Bird Technologies Group

Industry leader in RF components, signal boosters, BDAs and RF system infrastructure.

Icom America

NXDN/IDAS/P25 two way radio portables, mobiles, repeaters and systems.

Freedom Communication Technologies

Communications system and subscriber unit service monitors.

TXRX Systems

RF transmit combiners, multicouplers, tower top amps.


Acoustic manufacturer for LMR and PTToC devices for mission critical and commercial applications.

JPS Interoperability Solutions

Communication solutions intergrators for Federal, State and Local Government

RGB Spectrum

AV/IP solution to push any visual source to any device anywhere, anytime. 


Custom portable device mounting brackets for in vehicle applications.


Simulcast transmit/voted receive, P25 deployable LTE repeaters and paging systems for mission critical voice applications. 


Portable talk back performance enhancing solutions for LMR.

Csquared Systems

Remote monitoring of critical LMR RF and site information.

EM Wave Inc.

High reliability LMR portable, mobile, and base station antennas designed for mission critical, commercial, and industrial solutions. 


Vendor agnostic IP and Cloud based voice dispatch consoles with integrated voting receiver and archival recorder.