RF Systems

Icom America Systems

Rising cell phone cost and vulnerability during times of need has shown self sustaining end users over the years that  private radio systems are becoming a more viable option.  Digital feature sets and IP based protocols have converged to bring RF into a new scalable, ethernet based world.  Alpha Sales Group supplies its indoor and outdoor RF systems users digital systems solutions, designed, installed and serviced by Icom America.  From conventional digital simulcast with voting, NXDN type C and type D trunking systems, to P25 conventional, trunked, and simulcast systems, Icom America has the design capabilities to meet your coverage requirements.

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Test Equipment

Freedom Communication Tech.

If your operation depends on its two way radio system and devices, you need a tool that will make sure those components perform as they should.  For maintaining digital infrastructure and subscriber units, Alpha Sales Group supplies our end users with test equipment from Freedom Communication Technologies.  The R8000B service monitor changed the industry by offering users a true software defined bench top grade analyzer, in a rugged 14 lb portable package.  The development of auto tune has dramatically reduced the amount of time P25 and DMR subscribers are out for repair by enabling retuning of digital radios in your shop, not at a depot.

RF Infrastructure

Bird Technologies Group

Our ability to speak clearly to one another lies in the quality of the network.  That network depends on hardware that is exposed to both harsh psychical and environmental conditions, as well as over the air.  Alpha Sales Group trusts RF infrastructure from Bird Technologies Group.  For over 60 years, Bird has been supplying the worlds most critical voice systems RF components, analyzers, transmit combiners, multi couplers,  duplexers/triplexers, preselectors, terminations/loads, watt meters, power measurement, tower top amps, signal boosters, NFPA compliant BDAs and fiber optic DAS systems.  Combined with a Site Optimization and Global Education Training, Bird's complete line of RF products and solutions are the most trusted name in RF.


Portable devices are a part of lives at home, and in the workplace.  Over 75% of all voice, video, and data exchanged over portable devices occurs indoors.  Alpha Group best in class systems components help you get the coverage you need with hardware that you can trust.