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The RF Experts Bird® Celebrates 80th Anniversary

As the pioneer in radio frequency (RF) measurements dating back to the 1940’s, Bird is excited to be at the forefront of yet another remarkable and enviable accomplishment; the celebration of its 80th year in business.

The RF test and measurement industry has certainly evolved since J. Raymond Bird first invented his RF wattmeter in 1942. Today, Bird continues to help customers test, measure, monitor and invent on a broader and deeper scale. Their newest products have been developed with ingenuity, precision, and simplicity in mind to meet the emerging challenges of the RF test and measurement industry.

Total reliability is more than possible. It’s essential.
With Bird, you’re heard, loud and clear.™

Bird has been the industry standard in radio frequency product reliability for over 80 years. The criticality and definition of "reliability" can range from accuracy and precision to longevity and clarity. The more critical the mission, the more Bird is the critical choice. Our devotion to reliability and our expertise about your needs assures that "You're heard, loud and clear."

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Coverage and Capacity Enhancement

Whether it's for commercial wireless or public safety radio, traditional tower solutions for providing coverage and capacity only take you so far.

For over 35 years Bird has designed, manufactured, and sold distributed antenna system networks. Our current blend of products can support wireless voice and data services (GSM, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA, LTE) as well as other applications such as broadcast and public safety communications (FM, TETRA, P25).

Bird’s products can also be utilized to transport other technologies including Gigabit Ethernet LAN, backhaul for small cells and WiFi, CPRI/OBSAI, as well as CCTV. Our complete product offering allows one stop shopping from rf repeaters/signal boosters to low PIM components. With thousands of units deployed across the world in diverse venues ranging from highways and tunnels to high rises and stadiums, Bird products can provide coverage and capacity wherever it is needed.

Fiber Fed Signal Booster

The Fiber Fed SBII+ utilizes our superior optical transport to allow linking of up to 16 remote boosters to maximize coverage area. Designed for efficient system implementation with complete setup, monitoring, and control from the head end. Several options are available making the system NFPA compliant, including the fiber fed alarm panel that displays the visual status of all alarms at one unit.

LMR Signal Boosters

When a direct base station connection is not available, an alternative is to amplify a low-level signal off the air into a building or other disadvantaged location. Once amplified, the signals can be used to drive a passive coax and antenna system.

Passive Components

Bird’s Passive RF Components complete our end to end DAS product offering with high power handling capability and top performance, enabling the most efficient distribution of RF power through your venue.


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Monitor, Measure and Protect your RF System

Bird's RF Power Monitor family includes a range of products that not only measure forward and reflected power and VSWR, but also provide hard contact alarms to protect your system in the event of a system failure. Depending on which system you need, the monitoring device can be configured to allow you to take control of the RF network installation from transmitter to the antenna.

Power Sensors
RF Power Sensor Solutions

Bird provides innovative power sensor solutions for all types of RF applications. From simple directional power sensors for the measurement of transmitter output power and VSWR measurement and monitoring applications, to highly accurate self-correcting power sensors for process control applications, you can rely on Bird sensor products to meet the needs of your unique applications.

Channel Power Monitor

Be confident of the status of each individual component in a radio system with effortless monitoring from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Comprised of a central processor and a variety of sensors, the Bird CPM solution can be setup to monitor radio performance, combiner loss, and antenna/feedline characteristics providing continuous information on the health of each component it monitors.

In some applications where there is not a large combining system with many channels, Bird’s newest addition can help you control cost by utilizing our Ethernet Sensors that contain its own processor and connects directly to the Internet or a private IP network.

Transmitter Power Monitors

Bird’s transmitter Power Monitor (TPM) solution is used to measure power signals and perform spectral analysis of broadcast systems. Calibrated coupling ports and accurate power measurement combined in the same unit passes savings of money and space on to you. Using state of the art techniques, the TPM is the first in-situ power solution that can be calibrated in-line and on site. This unprecedented characteristic helps minimize downtime and optimize on-air time. In addition, a simplified interface allows for a high level of customization and integration that any system could appreciate.


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Whether for commercial applications, military maintenance, or electronic military instrumentation, Bird has a built-in, single-minded devotion to reliability. Bird has become known as the world's most reliable RF specialists for all markets and segments. The ease of use and reliability of our Field test equipment is depended upon every day by field test engineers around the world.

Bird’s Wattmeters have been in use since the 1940’s providing critical power measurement instrumentation from military to Ham Radio Operators across the globe. Bird RF test equipment is extensive in its capabilities and can meet many of the testing needs of the wireless market including base station installations, antenna tower sites, in-building coverage, and mobile commutations applications.

Our performance is unmatched - our calibrated products are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) so you know you can count on the measurements to control your critical systems.

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