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C² Systems Offers Unmatched Solutions to Service Your Wireless Needs.

With more than a decade of experience, customers rely on C2 Systems for projects at high visibility venues. When challenges and problems arise, our superior understanding of the technology is why customers call C2 Systems.

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In today’s world, the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other wireless devices is far-reaching. The need for a Distributed Antenna System is essential

With nearly 70 percent of wireless traffic indoors, the ability to communicate and access information anywhere is not just a luxury, it’s a demand. The challenge is that structures inhibit wireless signals, especially in high-density usage areas. The result is lost connectivity. With an in-building wireless system, spotty or no signal strength will no longer be an issue.

Experience and Know How

With more than a decade of turnkey in-Building and DAS installation experience, our certified in-building wireless engineers provide exceptional solutions. We utilize advanced tools to analyze how networks co-exist and interact. At C2 Systems, we do not treat a DAS system as a separate network, but as an integration and improvement of the network.

DAS Solutions for Any Environment

By implementing a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), your mobile network coverage issues will disappear. A DAS will enhance your cell coverage through the installation of small antennas throughout the building.

C2 Systems creates customizable turnkey in-building and outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS and oDAS) that provide any building, stadium, venue, or campus enhanced wireless network performance. No matter how complex the environment, our advanced experience, analysis, and technologies provide increased capacity and better coverage, keeping users connected.

Remote Monitoring and Management

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Remote monitoring of critical equipment and devices is an essential function for service providers and businesses that rely upon their installations to ensure that they get the best wireless network coverage to service their customers.

Having the ability to stay aware of what is going on with your system is essential. If your network is complex, with multiple locations and systems, it is important to know when issues arise. With an advanced remote monitoring solution, you will have better control over your network while reducing the cost of deploying resources.

C2 Systems provides remote monitoring for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), as well as cell sites and utilities sites. Their monitoring and management solutions afford the ability to keep your network reliable and up to speed at all times. These solutions include their customized software, SitePortal®, which enables remote site monitoring and maintenance solutions, and remote troubleshooting. C2 Systems solutions and teams are dedicated to ensure that dependability is an inherent component to your network.

Superior Service

What sets C2 Systems is their commitment to excellence. At C2 Systems, their first priority is making sure every job gets done right. Their commitment to excellence is accomplished by dedicating personnel who are always available for the customer. Their growing customer base and widespread reputation are affirmations of our ongoing commitment to quality.

Attention to Detail

At C2 Systems, their team members all have practical experience and pay very close to attention to detail during any phase of the project. The personnel that manage their projects and design their solutions all have experience running cable and have installed connectors. This experience equips them with the knowledge and attention to detail that is essential to a superior solution. C2 Systems always uses the proper tools to provide optimal performance.

Public Safety Solutions

Monitor, find and resolve issues before they take down your communications system.

C Squared Systems’ SitePortal® gives Public Safety agencies unprecedented insight and control of their communications systems. It maximizes system uptime by finding problems before they take down your system. If a failure does occur, SitePortal gives you the information necessary to fix the problem on a single truck roll.

SitePortal is more than just alarm reporting. It is an advanced network monitoring & remote management system (NMS) for large-scale, distributed Public Safety Communications infrastructures and related equipment. It provides real-time information, rapid problem solving and proactive management to ensure critical network uptime.

Keeping critical communications open – whether in daily operations or for extreme emergency events demands a monitoring system that delivers continuous communications. It demands SitePortal.

SitePortal® DAS Monitoring

Developed by C2 Systems, SitePortal® is the most robust Distributed Antenna System (DAS) monitoring software available. SitePortal® is a web-based network management system (NMS) for remote monitoring and management of large-scale, complex multi-vendor DAS Networks, distributed systems, and Small Cell and Macro Networks.

Designed specifically for monitoring wireless networks, SitePortal® is currently deployed across 5,000 DAS venues and is monitoring over 24,000 remote units.