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High-performance RF for Mission Critical Applications

Filtronic products are critical to a range of challenging RF, microwave and mmWave applications, including telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace and defense, space, test & measurement, and critical communications.

Filtronic’s global clients are household names and leaders in their fields. They are their RF partners and deliver high-performance technologies and services that solve their challenging requirements. With expertise in high frequency, especially mmWave, Filtronic strengths are across the full RF spectrum, but specifically 300MHz to 175GHz.

Solutions & Services

  • Tower Top Amplifiers
  • Transmit Combiners
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At the Forefront of RF for Over 40 Years
High Performance Transmit & Receive

Filtronic design and manufacture a range of transmit and receive products including transceivers, TRM modules, front end modules and power amplifiers. Their products provide high-performance and are competitively priced, significantly reducing their client's time to market.

  • Transmit and Receive Modules
  • Front End Modules
Passive & Active RF Solutions
  • Custom Filters
  • Custom Combiners
Passive and Active Signal Conditioning Specialists

Filtronic’s engineering team are industry experts in designing high performance filters, combiners, and amplifiers that deliver world-class performance and reliability.

  • Standard Filters
  • Standard Combiners
Integrated Subsystems

Filtronic’s expertise in system integration enables reductions in component size and weight, improved reliability, and enhanced overall system performance.

  • Tower Top Amplifiers
  • Switched Filter Banks
Cost-Effective, High-Quality Hybrid Assembly and Manufacturing Services

Filtronic’s hybrid contract microelectronics manufacturing services enable customers to realize their own designs using Filtronic’s state-of-the-art facilities. This enables cost-effective manufacture and year on year cost reduction for customers requiring complex and high mix products.

They have over forty years’ track record of delivering high-performance RF technologies, offering customized microwave design services for a broad range of applications up to 175GHz.

Filtronic’s core skill base includes:

  • RF systems engineers
  • MMIC specialists
  • Filter specialists Electronic and PCB layout designers
  • Mechanical design
  • Process engineers
  • Software and firmware experts

Filtronic’s facilities include highly automated production assembly lines, these enable MMIC die attach, wire, and ribbon bonding, together with skilled manual assembly and hermetic sealing; all to Military/IPC standards. All processes are supported by their in-house leading manufacturing engineers and process engineering teams.

  • Fully automated epoxy dispense
  • Die and component attach technology
  • Wire bonding
  • Air cavity packaging
  • In-house testing
  • World leading process control