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Our Tradition of Innovation

FREEDOM Communication Technologies heritage in LMR test equipment dates to the late 1970’s and the industry’s first all-in-one test solution: The R2001. From then to now, their products have set the standard for LMR test equipment.

From inventing the LMR service monitor to inventing the first portable service monitor, FREEDOM Communication Technologies has been on the leading edge of LMR testing for decades. And now, with the introduction of the R8200 they are leading the way again with the first fully functioning portable service monitor with comprehensive RF network analysis capability via its include Vector Network Analyzer.

Solutions & Services

  • Auto Tune Software
  • Cable/Antenna Analyzers
  • Communications Service Monitors
  • RF Spectrum Analyzers
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Communications Service Monitors

The FREEDOM R8200 from Astronics Test Systems represents a major step in the evolution of the Land Mobile Radio service monitor. The R8200 combines comprehensive digital and analog LMR testing with the ability to measure important RF network characteristics such as Return Loss, VSWR and Distance To Fault. The R8200 is also the only service monitor with the ability to display RF parameters in a Smith Chart for phase and magnitude device analysis.


The R8100 has become the industry standard for LMR test applications. It has all the functionality and test capabilities of our flagship R8000 communications system analyzer, but also features an internal battery, premier ergonomics and suite of advanced features that are optional on the R8000. With the R8100, there’s absolutely no trade-off between benchtop power and total portability and the unit’s Class 3 Mil-Spec shock and vibration rating at test to its suitability for nearly any LMR test environment.


The R8000C is the third generation of the first portable, software-defined LMR communications system analyzer first shipped in 2009. Weighing just 14 pounds, the R8000 family are the only products to offer complete benchtop functionality in a portable, software-defined package. As with all FREEDOM products, firmware upgrades are free for the life of the unit, so the R8000’s capabilities only expand over time. The R8000 tests every major digital LMR protocol, is highly expandable, and boasts laboratory grade spectral purity. In fact, its RF specifications meet or surpass those of instruments costing thousands of dollars more. All of the above explains why the R8000 product family – the R8000, R8100 and R8200, has become the preferred LMR test platform for thousands of radio technicians worldwide.


The R8600 Radio Test Hub is designed to meet the demanding requirements of RF production environments. Able to withstand 150 Watts of continuous RF power input, the R8600 was explicitly engineered to provide a cost-effective solution for 24/7 manufacturing use. Once deployed, it requires minimal operator intervention beyond making the physical RF connections.


Automated Radio Test and Alignment

FREEDOM’s AutoTune™ option performs all recommended factory test and alignment procedures for every major radio manufacturer in a fraction of the time needed to perform them manually. Just select your radio model and connect as shown on the unit, choose the tests and alignments you wish to perform, then enter your operator ID and press the “start button.”

  • Test time reduced by over 80%
  • Consistent manufacturer specified alignments among radios
  • Accurate and repeatable test results
  • Comprehensive test reports show before & after readings, time, date and operator identification
  • Pass/Fail indicators flag radio defects
  • Little or no technical expertise required
  • Results are stored on the unit and can be exported to a USB drive for analysis with PC spreadsheet software
Digital Protocols

The Only Choice for Digital LMR Testing and Analysis

The R8100 and R8000 fully support every major LMR protocol. Our test suites for both P25 Phase 1 and 2 are fully compliant with TIA/EIA specifications and employ every modulation and test pattern called out in the specifications. And our P25 Phase 1 trunking option allows the test set to emulate a base station and trunking controller.

FREEDOM’s analyzers also lead the way in testing 6.25kHz and 6.25kHz channel equivalent technologies. Their NXDN and DMR test modes fully conform to the applicable specifications. NXDN “Type C” Trunking simulates the functions of an NXDN central controller.

FREEDOM also features the industry’s most complete TETRA test capability with TMO and DMO subscriber, Base Station Monitoring and Base Station T1 Test options. And only FREEDOM offers comprehensive test options for both PTC protocols widely used by the railroad industry: ITCR and ACSES.

Finally, the R8000 family is the only line of LMR test sets that offers an avionics ramp test option, enabling the user to test VOR, Morse Code, Marker Beacons and SECAL.