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The Premier Source for RF Surge Protection and High-Current EMC/EMI Filters

For over 30 years, NexTek has provided superior solutions across the globe.

NexTek has vast experience designing surge protectors and has built a knowledge base that allows them to design advanced design arrestors with exceptional thru performance while also ensuring no trade-off in surge response or surge handling performance. They have over 30 years of experience providing these solutions and related expertise servicing clients around the world, across a variety of industries and applications.

Solutions & Services

  • RF Lightning Arrestors
  • High Current EMI/EMC Filters
  • Power/LAN Protection
  • Custom Design Solutions
  • Coaxial Solutions
  • Grounding & Mounting Kits
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Coaxial RF Surge and Lightning Arrestors

NexTek’s range of Coaxial RF Surge and Lightning Arrestors are designed and built to provide robust protection for any Radio or Coaxial RF transmission application. NexTek arrestors are high-performance designs; which pair excellent RF thru-performance (i.e. low losses) with industry-leading Surge and Lightning performance ratings for long-lasting and worry-free protection.

These units help to prevent or minimize damage and injury to your Radios, Equipment, and Users and to ensure maximum reliability and uptime.

Helpful Tip: Arrestor = Arrester = Suppressor = Protector = Suppresser

InterTalk provides a high-performance platform. With our extensive engineering, design capabilities, and our willingness to take on special projects, we’re able to meet any requirements, giving you the system, you want at a price you can afford.

Threats NexTek Protects Against

Coaxial Surge & Lightning Protection

  • Lightning [LEMP] – Coaxial arrestors protect radio systems against surge damage caused by nearby Lightning strikes. NexTek products provide long-lasting protection, with some models rated for direct lightning strikes of over 100,000 amps!
  • Static Electricity [ESD] – Surge protection for RF applications where Static Electricity may cause damage. Static related transient events contain a relatively low level of energy, but are extremely fast pulses with high peak voltage figures.
  • High Speed Electromagnetic Pulse [EMP] – Protecting a coaxial line and related system from damage from the effects of an EMP event. As a fast-acting transient event with high energy levels in the RF spectrum, it is challenging to protect a coaxial RF line against this type of energy.

High Current Power Filtering

  • EMI/RFI Emissions – Power filters prevent RF Interference as a result of EMI emissions from within an electronic system, for EMC or regulatory reasons. The filter shunts the RF energy to ground, preventing it from traveling down the cable and into the environment.
  • EMI/RFI Susceptibility – Power filters prevent RF Interference as a result of unwanted RF Energy for operational, signal integrity/EMC, or regulatory reasons. The filter itself shunts the RF energy to ground, preventing it from entering the system and causing issues.

Product Types

  • Standard (COTS) Products – A wide range of standard products are available to meet most requirements.
  • Modified Products – NexTek can provide modified standard products to suit the individual needs of a customer.
  • Fully Custom Products – For applications which require a specific design approach, NexTek can develop a unique solution to suit any needs.

NexTek was founded in 1986 in Westford, Massachusetts, USA, by two engineers as a consulting firm for custom EMC solutions and applications.

In the early 1990s they changed their focus to standardized high volume designs of coaxial lightning protectors and high current feed through filters, after identifying these markets within the larger EMC envelope as a place where NexTek can leverage its years of EMC experience to provide advanced solutions for a growing market.

NexTek’s main focus is two-fold: Compact High Current High Frequency Filtering and Coaxial RF Protector design using gas discharge, quarter-wave and filter technology. They offer high quality products to market leaders and continue to evolve products to solve customer problems. They are an engineering-excellence oriented company, with depth of experience in the RF, EMC, and Lightning Protection field.

With 30+ Years of Experience, from Prototyping and Problem-Solving to High Volume Cost Optimized production. NexTek has the expertise and experience to support your application with a World Class Solution designed to meet all of your expectations and requirements, no more choosing between Cost, Performance, and Great Support. Get it ALL with NexTek!

Helpful Tip: Arrestor = Arrester = Suppressor = Protector = Suppresser

Connector Types

  • N
  • TNC
  • SMA
  • 7/16 DIN
  • MMCX
  • BNC
  • 75Ω Type F

Frequency Range

  • DC (0) to 18GHz (for standard commercial products)
  • Extended Frequency Ranges Available on Request!

Threat Types

  • Lightning [LEMP]
  • Static [ESD]
  • High Speed [EMP]

Design Highlights

  • Excellent RF Performance
  • Class-Leading Surge Ratings
  • High Quality Design & Materials
  • Compact Form Factors
Designed, Assembled, and Tested in the USA