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Your business is our business: We are focused solely on driving results and achieving real MROI while getting attention for our clients. We blend strategy, creativity, media and technology to create meaningful brand interactions within your market. Our personalized service - coupled with strong media, an activation plan, execution and maintenance - has proved especially successful for smaller firms looking to fight above their weight in the marketplace. Our work connects your business to the people who you want as clients and to remain as clients.

The first place we all go to learn about something or someone, is on the line. At Alpha, we know that a modern day digital marketing strategy is key to reaching clients up and down the east coast, and that starts with a website. If you feel that your website doesn’t showcase your business the way it should, stop reading this and call Opt In Wireless. The Team over there knows our space, knows how to spell LMR, and was a dream to work with. We didn’t have to educate them on the technology, the markets, because this is all they do. To be honest, I’m not sure why anyone would use another firm if you are the two way radio industry, no one knows our business better than the Team at Opt In Wireless.

Tim Fedish
Managing Partner
Alpha Sales Group

Improve your company's Marketing Results Right Now!

Solutions & Services

  • Brand Development
  • CRM Solutions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trade Show Solutions
  • Website Design

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We design clean, modern websites that are easy to navigate, drive high volume targeted traffic, and help you stand apart from the competition.

From responsive website design to search engine marketing and more, our website development and digital marketing team is here to help you simply do one thing: grow your business. For almost two decades we have done that by driving high volume, targeted traffic to websites that visitors love.

Opt-in Wireless’ approach to design ensures that your website is built with mobile devices in mind, so customers can interact with a powerful version of your site no matter where they are. With more than 50% of online searches being done on mobile devices, can you afford to miss out on those potential sales?

Every marketing agency talks about how they do websites.
At Opt-in Wireless, we'll show you what a website can do.
Website Design

Your corporate website offers your customers and prospects the deepest, most meaningful self-service experience they will have with your brand. The site is at the center of all digital touch points, meeting your customers’ needs. A strong interaction with your site is imperative to ensure a strong interaction with your brand.

A great website requires not only user-friendly graphic interface designs coupled with cutting-edge, elegant back-end programming, but also a deep understanding of your business and industry. Opt-in Wireless meets this challenge like no other agency. The sites we develop are created by our full-time, specialized interactive designers.

eCommerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions are designed to get customers to your site and to ultimately conclude their visit with a purchase from your business. We integrate the latest ecommerce technology into your website. Combined with email marketing, ecommerce can quickly help you maximize the potential of your existing customer base. We help businesses penetrate the Online market with a simple and cost-effective ecommerce solution to fit their individual needs.

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Opt-in Wireless has proven digital marketing solutions to grow your business. We help you integrate your brand, messaging, experience, and services into an easily navigated, well-thought-out website design that connects with the right audience at the right time that will move the needle for your brand.

Our digital marketing services include Digital Catalogs, Email Marketing, Internet Press Releases, PPC Management, Retargeting, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing.

Digital Catalogs

Amaze your clients and prospects with literally a couple of clicks. Our digital catalogs have a realistic page flip effect and intuitive, thought-out navigation. Brought together, these will provide your readers with an excellent reading experience.

Make everyday communication with customers easy. Share digital catalogs on your website and in social media, or just send customers direct links via email to your digital catalogs.

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E-Mail Marketing

Don’t just email your customers. Engage with them.

Reaching the inbox isn’t enough anymore. Customers today demand and only respond to highly personalized engagement. Many agencies are struggling to deliver. Opt-in Wireless can change that. We make it easy to truly reach and connect with your target audience again and again, so you’re not just sending them email blasts, you’re driving conversions.

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Search Engine Marketing

Over 90% of online business searches start with search engines. Increased direct website traffic, improved brand awareness and better testing for conversion rates are all results associated with online advertising. Opt-in Wireless offers several types of Online Advertising (SEM) such as Google Adwords.

Opt-in Wireless is a leader in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to the land mobile industry. We have a proven track record and a marketing plan that gets results. We believe in designing top quality, highly optimized websites. Quality content and plenty of it is the key to getting successful website results.

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Search Engine Optimization

Show up fast, where and when it matters. You’ve invested a lot of time and COOP into your website. Opt-in Wireless' Advanced SEO ensures your customers' and prospects' actually see it. We have over a decade of researching, testing and prioritizing exactly what content your target audience cares most about, which allows us to optimize your site from the inside out and capture customers’ and prospects’ interest through organic search.

We believe that having unique, quality content will drive natural (organic) traffic to your website. The more original the information, the more unique it will be to the spidering search engines. It also will be more interesting to your customers and prospects.

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Social Media Marketing

We’ll help you gather a loyal crowd on social then turn your followers into business.
Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. While some skeptics remain on the sidelines (just as they did with having a website), the low cost of platforms like blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn, combined with their growing effectiveness as lead generation vehicles, is attracting a substantial crowd that includes your clients and best prospects. Today, the question is no longer whether to go social as much as how to mix and match components to maximize your return.

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Our High-Performance Display Systems are like your satellite office at events and trade shows. They can be used in every occasion when you want to expose your message – everywhere from the little foyer to big events and trade shows. Let the environment and your own creativity be your guide when choosing a display system.

Love your brand! We help bring your brand to life with our portable display solutions. Our talented designers bring focused attention to every detail, from color choice to font and photo style, to connect your brand story at most any event or trade show.

Producing crap is the easiest thing in the world. That’s why we refuse to do it. Saving a fistful of dollars in production costs always means the same thing: compromises made in regard to materials, design and function. And we’re not willing to make that sacrifice.

Banner Systems

Elevate your message above your competition with our compact and simple to use banner systems.
Our banner systems are a cost-effective way of getting your message across on a large scale. Perfect for events and major campaigns where everything from price to assembly time is crucial. They are discreetly simple, and you can put them up in less than 60 seconds.

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Image Walls

Professional impact in a few minutes and probably the world’s easiest pop up to set up. We offer probably the easiest big image wall on the market, so user-friendly you can assemble it on your own in a few minutes. The magnetic bars guide everything into position, the panels fall into place and fit seamlessly, securing the perfect setting for your brand.

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Table Covers

Turn your table display into a graphic billboard for your company or product! Our Table Throw Covers offer an immediate solution to not only improve your brand, but also give your tables a professional look to draw attention to your company, and outshine your competitors at expos, trade shows and other events.

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We breathe life into your company story, developing branding that advances your message and forms a distinct image.
Engage your prospects and clients. No matter what geographic area you’re in, your company’s most valuable asset is the same: your brand. We help develop ways to find and promote what sets your brand apart from others, build your leadership position, and create new followers.

Need a brand refresh? Or want to start from scratch? Opt-in Wireless can help set you apart. We start our strategic branding process by delving into what makes your organization stand apart from other solution providers, including your history, challenges, competition, your target audience, and opportunities. For modern small businesses it is important to view branding as an extension of how your mission and values resonate with your target audience. In the end, what we are going to figure out is: What is your best brand strategy? The answer will help guide every decision made from this point on.

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We are an integrated brand experience agency. At Opt-in Wireless, we deliver creative experiences and marketing strategies that amplify your brand’s reach, breed customer loyalty and drive business growth.

Modern marketing is all about reaching your customers and prospects at the right time. But where and how do you get started? Determining what content is right for your customers, what marketing channels to use to reach them, how to set objectives that work for you as well as figuring out how to measure success can seem like insurmountable challenges.

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to help you grow your business and increase your brand awareness. For a marketing strategy to be successful, it must be multi-faceted, realistic (based on real data) and implemented consistently over time.

Our experts can help you develop your marketing strategy that can help you define business goals. Then, we’ll define objectives and how to execute them along with multiple approaches to measure your investment.

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Quality design not only extends your brand, it increases the effectiveness of your marketing. Graphic design can instantly communicate everything a client or potential customer should know about your business. It builds brand awareness and effectively demonstrates your unique value proposition.

Our graphic design team helps you communicate the most essential aspects of your brand to inspire loyalty, bring your team together, and drive business goals.

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My experience with Tim Duckworth and Opt-in Wireless is, in a word, exceptional. It’s clear that Tim and his team strive to be best in class and their responsiveness, professionalism and quality of work product is second to none in this industry. Opt-In Wireless has proven to be a major asset to our sales team and their efforts to help us increase our brand presence is greatly appreciated.

Mark Jordan, KE7FEP
National Sales Manager
Icom America Inc.

We have been using Opt-In Wireless for awhile now…we have found them to be a true partner, always going above & beyond with marketing and business growth ideas. We have utilized them for product display trade show booths, website, newsletter, and brochures to name a few. The beauty is that they understand our business and solutions, they have excellent relationships with our manufacturers so producing material is quick, they are always fast, responsive, and reasonably priced…and always coming up with innovative concepts and solutions. They have always had an excellent reputation and I can see why. I highly recommend them, but don’t tell my competitors!

Bob Dale
ESS, Inc

How has Opt-In Wireless provided assistance with our Icom marketing?

They made it effortless. Opt-In Wireless did the research, and content curation and our new Icom site was up and running with little to no edits and ahead of our launch date. They are, and will continue to be, our go-to for all Icom promotional material.

Keir Johnson
President & CEO

There is no other marketing agency around that has their finger on the pulse of the LMR industry and the dealer community like Opt-In Wireless. They consistently produce high quality work, but more importantly, are able to recognize my needs often before even I do.

Jeff Nishimura
Marketing Manager
Day Wireless Systems