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Technical Furniture Systems for Control Rooms

TBC Consoles builds technical furniture systems. They design, manufacture, ship, and install technical furniture systems world-wide. TBC specializes in modular control room solutions that are consistently improved and enhanced to meet the needs of the latest technology.

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Creating Space for New Technology

Founded in 1988 TBC Consoles builds technical furniture systems. They specialize in modular control room solutions that are consistently improved and enhanced to meet the needs of the latest technology.

Their focus is building consoles, from single operator desks to sophisticated control rooms; they provide the products and the expertise to create ergonomically correct and organized workspaces that lead to greater efficiency, productivity, and personal performance.

TBC’s success is only possible due to the highly qualified team that works with us worldwide to fulfill the requests and demands of the market. Their philosophy is to study and listen to each client’s needs to understand what is required and transform this into an ideal solution that meets these needs.

TBC incorporates the latest technology into any intensive control room environment utilizing quality consoles and technical furniture that are all designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America.


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Specialized for Broadcast and Beyond

TBC is recognized worldwide especially in Broadcast Television and Radio environments. They pride themselves for this specialization as it acknowledges our ability to incorporate highly specialized equipment into their consoles and understand how it is to be used by the client. They understand the needs of the industry and stay up to date on the latest trends and advances.

For the past 30+ years, TBC has witnessed production environments evolve where modern needs continue to push the capabilities of technology. Process automation has allowed three people have been consolidated into one with redundancy to ensure continuous operation like any mission critical control room. TBC also has expertise with Network Operation Centers in a variety of other industries, as well as customized solutions for a variety of other production.


  • IntelliTrac
  • SmartTrac
  • ControlTrac
  • Elevon

Technical Furniture

  • TracWall
  • SmartCart
  • Cabinetry & Tables


  • Arms & Mounts

TBC’s design and engineering teams take clients from concept to reality with adaptive consoles that change as technology and industries evolve. Their byline reflects their philosophy to grow and evolve to the necessities of modern markets and new technology. TBC’s highly qualified professional team works closely with their clients to address all concerns and incorporate their requirements into our design, as well as anticipate for the future.

The TBC Process

There are several steps that we put each project through before completion. Every project that comes to TBC is handled by a dedicated Account Manager with over ten years of experience in Control Room Design, as well as a dedicated Designer/Project Manager who has decades of experience. Our sales/design team will work with you from the initial inquiry to final implementation of your ideal technical furniture solution.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

TBC provides a robust warranty on all of its products, including a lifetime warranty on fixed metal structures, and five – ten years on nearly everything else.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

TBC wants to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your product. Please contact them if you are not satisfied in any way and they will work with you. All TBC products go through a QA procedure and are warranted to be free of manufacturing, design, or material defects.