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Delivering Cost-Effective, Reliable Communications Solutions

Reliable communication, whether voice or data, is one of the most critical aspects of any industry. JPS designs products to enhance communications systems by making them more versatile, more secure, and more robust. They provide innovative solutions to solve modern challenges for Public Safety, Military, Government, Oil/Gas, and Commercial users. Their mission is to help others and save lives.

Solutions & Services

  • Radio over IP
  • Push-to-Talk over Cellular
  • Wide Area Communications
  • Communications Interoperability
  • LMR Coverage Expansion
  • Remote Dispatching
  • Cybersecurity
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Scalable. Flexible. Cost Effective.
Radio Over IP

JPS invented Radio over IP (RoIP) technology in the 1990’s and has pioneered the world standard in RoIP gateways.

Always true to the goal of enhancing existing communications systems or adding flexible reliability to new ones, JPS has developed an extensive family of RoIP-based products and IP radio proprietary technologies that allow users to connect radios to any type of communications device and extend radio coverage while continuing to provide best-in-class audio.

POC/LMR Integration

JPS radio gateways, such as the RSP-Z2, provide a seamless bridging interface between LMR systems and many modern PoC solutions, including FirstNet Certified® JPS VIA as well as AT&T Enhanced PTT, ESChat, Motorola WAVE, TangoTango, Verizon PTT Plus, Zebra Workforce Connect, and Zello. Offering a substantial amount of flexibility, JPS gateways support any requirement from 1:1 standalone applications to statewide solutions. PoC and LMR each have unique benefits. JPS gateways give customers the necessary tools to make the best use of both communication technologies.

Wide Area Communications

Users often need to communicate with others outside the bounds of their traditional coverage area. JPS devices reliably communicate across any network link, regardless of distance or bandwidth, and are significantly more cost effective than a system overlay.

Communications Interoperability

The capability of emergency responders to work seamlessly with others, regardless of communications platform, is critical. For over 30 years, JPS has designed and manufactured devices capable of bridging technology gaps to support this need.

LMR Coverage Expansion

Often, adding a small increase in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) coverage area can come at a great expense. JPS products feature multiple, cost-effective ways to expand coverage beyond the limits of a traditional radio system.

Leased Line Replacement

More frequently, telecom providers are ending service on or significantly increasing the maintenance costs of leased lines. Migrating these connections to JPS devices can provide enhanced capability and a return on investment within months.

Remote Dispatching

Having the ability to quickly stand up dispatch centers anywhere, anytime is essential. JPS products allow users to establish remote and redundant dispatch centers within hours, while also providing capabilities to connect communication devices of all protocol types and networks.


Remote SCADA-based equipment protects our critical infrastructure. However, it is as vulnerable to hacking as anything else on an IP network. JPS developed a purpose-built appliance that does not rely on standard networking methods or standard network security methods.


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Innovative. Versatile. Reliable.
Interoperability Gateways

The capability to work seamlessly with others, regardless of communications platform, only becomes more evident as technology advances. Most users need to communicate with others who are either outside their traditional coverage area, or who are using a different device type. JPS devices reliably communicate across any network link, regardless of distance or bandwidth, and are significantly more cost-effective than a system overlay.

Signal-And-Noise Voting

Determining the Best Quality Audio

A typical SNV-12 Signal-and-Noise Voter application is an LMR system in which mobiles and portables can hear a repeater, but the repeater can’t hear them, due to their lower transmit power and/or the antenna size or placement. Remote receivers can be positioned in the communication’s dead spots, with audio from each receiver linked to the voter via IP or T1 microwave, IP fiber, landline, twisted pair, RF link, or fiber optics. The voter will select the best quality signal from all unsquelched remote receivers and forward this signal to the repeater for rebroadcast or monitor by a dispatcher, thus providing greater talk back range for the radios.

Cyber Security

Protecting Valuable Infrastructure
Vast sectors of modern infrastructure rely on remote ICS/SCADA equipment, and much of it is IP based. This built-in reliance on the Internet may come with convenience, but it also comes with the rapidly mounting risk of hacking and cyber-attacks.

Until now, systems to protect IP-based SCADA communications have been expensive and only lessen, rather than eliminate, vulnerability to attack.